Heart and mind, passion and skills, tradition and innovation. To these main ingredients to make ricotta, Elda adds some more specific elements that can make the difference.

Quality whey

Elda collaborates since many years with companies linked to the alpine region, pursuing the culture of whey promotion, being aware that in the future it will be used for its protein content.

Cutting-edge plant

Sophisticated technologies allow monitoring every aspect of production cycle and craft skills: by handwork Elda switched gradually to computerized system, but the work of man is essential to work with an alive raw material.

Control and safety

Elda takes care of all aspect that can contribute to security and to the taste of ricotta. Every day the laboratory analyzes raw material to study the its organoleptic and microbiological characteristics. Nothing is left to chance.

Research and developement

Elda’s secret is a relentless research work. Understanding the needs and tastes of consumers, as well as deepening every detail of raw materials and their combinations are paramount activities. The goal is creating simple, genuine and unique products.

Patnerships with university

In recent years, Elda has intensified relations with the world of university research, in particular with Verona and Padova. It is very important to create constructive relationships to find new ideas and applications thanks to work of professors and students.


Elda has advanced systems and all major certifications that guarantee safe and genuine products. Care and attention for the consumer become a standard of productive process to maintain high quality.

  • Standard BRC

  • Standard IFS

  • Ministerial certification for enriched food

  • OHSAS 18001

  • ethical code

  • organic certification